Medical checkup from 50 years old.

Given that after 50 years there are some diseases that must be paid attention, both in men and women. It is more than advisable some prevention. This is the case of colon cancer, which is why the determination of occult blood in faeces every two years is recommended, between the ages of 50 and 70. It is also important to detect cardiovascular risk factors with blood pressure measurements (keep in mind). , that hypertension is one of the problems that are most frequently detected in these checkups); weight and height, every two years; detection of cholesterol and blood glucose, every 5 years, and evaluation of toxic habits (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs), every two years. » In women, and unless there is a family history, it is recommended to start screening breast cancer at 50, with biennial mammograms up to 70 years. Also at these ages cervical cancer screening with cytologies should be maintained every 3-5 years

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