Cervical cancer and how to prevent it.

It is the third most frequent neoplasm in women worldwide. This disease occurs when the cells of the cervix begin to transform and grow uncontrollably, initially becoming precancerous lesions, and subsequently, if this alteration persists in cancerous lesions. It is known that the causative agent of practically all of this cancer is a virus that is transmitted through sexual contact, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). And this is where screening through cervico-vaginal cytology or, more recently, the HPV screening test plays a major role. This test allows us to detect early premalignant lesions and act according to their severity.

Development risk factors:

80% of sexually active women will be infected by the virus throughout their lives but not all will develop. Why? It depends on several factors.

– Unprotected sexual intercourse (condom use is essential)

– Multiple sexual partners (increased risk of infection)

– Consumption of tobacco (double the risk compared to a woman who does not smoke)

–   Immunodeficiency

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